6 Best Kid-Friendly Dive Sites

May 04, 2018

6 Best Kid-Friendly Dive Sites

Travelling with kids can be a challenge because not every destination is kid friendly. The key to a smooth-sailing family vacation is planning ahead. If you take some time beforehand and carefully plan your itinerary, your travel will be a lot more pleasant.

Here are six of the most popular kid-friendly dive sites to add to your bucket list:

1. Vertigo, Yap (Micronesia)

Vertigo in Yap, Micronesia is one of top dive sites for young divers. According to Bill Acker, the owner of Manta Bay Resort, the place is abundant with exciting marine life like mantas, mandarin fish and even sharks. It has clear waters that’s about 30 feet deep and is located at the edge of wall.

2. Anse Chastanet Reef (St. Lucia)

At the Anse Chastanet Reef in Saint Lucia, kids will enjoy a thriving population of fish, which includes parrotfish, triggerfish, blue tangs and more. The reef, which depths of about 15 – 30 feet, is conveniently located near the shore and has shallow parts that are ideal for beginner divers.

3. Wakatobi House Reef (Indonesia)

Wakatobi Dive Resort is located on a private island in Indonesia. The idyllic tourist spot is perfect for families and kids because of its attentive staff, who are more than ready to take care of their guests needs and also give first aid. Apart from the impressive customer service, the place itself also features wonderful underwater sights that all kids will enjoy.

4. 1,000 Steps, Bonaire (Netherlands)

With a reef plateau that’s only 15 – 20 feet deep, gradually sloping to 30 feet, this popular scuba diving is great for both beginners and pros. This destination is popular among scuba divers, snorkelers and sunbathers who just want to chill on the shore. Its turquoise-colored waters boast an amazing coral reef with lush marine life.

5. Blue Corner, Palau (Micronesia)

Palau’s most popular diving spot for both kids and adults is at the Blue Corner, which has a reef edge of about 40 feet. The vast underwater space is perfect for open water diving. The strong current in this spot attracts spectacular underwater creatures like sharks, barracudas and schools of fish. It is an adventurous dive spot that families will love.

6. Stingray City, Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands)

Dubbed as the Stingray City, this area in the Grand Cayman is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. If you have been wanting to see manta rays, this is definitely the place to go. It has a cove with shallow waters that’s only 12 feet deep. There is also the Stingray Sandbar, a secured area with 3 feet of water, which houses 30 resident stingrays. Tourists and visitors of all ages are welcome to interact and pet the friendly southern stingrays while relaxing in the clear waters.



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