About Us

With accidents a part of life, being prepared is the smart thing to do. Everyone’s first aid needs will differ with the type of emergency, number of people involved, and the time emergency personal take to respond. As medical professionals we understand. As Dive 1st Aid is built by divers for divers we are setting “The New Standard in Safety”.

We have a full line of products including sting relief kits, recreational first aid kits, and professional level kits, some of which are available with oxygen tanks and AEDs. Our professional level kits also include easy to use insert pouches that divide the contents of the kit in to different groups with their own label and color code.  This allows for rapid response times as you won’t have to dig through your kit to find what you need. All of our first aid kits are available in hard or soft case options. We can also customize anything to fit your specific needs.

As part of the “New Standard in Safety” we not only believe you should have the emergency supplies you need, but the necessary training to effectively use them. We have an in-house education department that can assist you in obtaining any training necessary to ensure you are well prepared to respond to emergencies.

We know replacing used or lost items can, at times, be hard to do as you may not be able to find the items you need or the quantities you desire.  At DIVE 1st AIDTM one of our core values is excellent customer service, therefore, we will replenish any and all supplies you need, even if the kit was not purchased from us.

As part of the Seaside Marine International Drug Co. family we have been outfitting the maritime industry with premier first aid kits and medical supplies for over 125 years.  With our long history and vast experience, we can supply just about anything.  No job is too big or small for us. Located in the heart of Southern California we can deliver your order to anywhere in the world quickly. Have questions or want to know more about what we can do for you, drop us a line at info@dive1staid.com.



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