Dive 1st Aid Creates Buzz at 2013 DEMA Show

December 12, 2013

Dive 1st Aid Creates Buzz at 2013 DEMA Show

The Diving Equipment Marketing Association or DEMA Show is held every year to showcase the different products of diving gear manufacturers as well as to promote diving locations – all to feed the craving of the diving enthusiasts!

The 4-day event held from November 6-9 was well-received and drew crowds of thousands of people who scoured the aisles of the exhibit hall for gear, products, and sites. The booths showcased various gadgets, products and kits for diving, action water sports and the travel industry.  The Dive 1st Aid booth received a lot of traffic, estimating over 100 people per day at their exhibit.

Because of the huge turnout, the DEMA Show and Dive 1st Aid sparked global interest reaching the attention of government agencies and the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI). After 6 months of attempting to produce a commercial diver’s first aid kit, the ADCI requested a similar kit from Dive 1st Aid. 48 hours after the request was made, a prototype of the Dive 1st Aid Kit was ready for showcasing and the re-fined kit should be on the market by January 2014.

Dive 1st Aid is produced by San Pedro, California-based Seaside Marine International Drug Co., Inc. renowned for their unquestionable level of quality. The Dive 1st Aid Kits have set a new trend in diver’s gear by making each kit customizable, resulting in over 350 different variations of their standard kits – designed and developed for any and all uses. 12 kits were on display at the 2013 DEMA show, ranging from the Basic Kit priced at $159 to the Complete Care Kit at $2589.

Over 300 DEMA show contacts have signed up for their mailing list, and currently, 1-2 new dealers are signing up per day as authorized dealers of Dive 1st Aid, forecasting a busy stream of demand. Projected clients range from individual dive instructors to government agencies, dive shop owners and developers, travel and tour agencies, and foreign countries who want to showcase their various sea-sights and diving spots.

Dive 1st Aid has also implemented a new policy to include a pulse oximeter in all new oxygen kits. Pulse oximeters read the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood, truly signifying if a person needs oxygen or not. The device is incredibly helpful in regards to first aid as well as increasing the life of the tank.



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