Diver Kits

Recreational Kits

Built for Divers by Divers

Safety first, even while at play!

A great way to ensure you are prepared for common injuries and illness is with one of our recreational first aid kits. These small but mighty kits will help you handle almost anything that comes your way.

Professional Kits

Only the Best for a Pro

If you’re a Pro, be prepared like one!

As a professional, people look to you as an example. This also applies to the equipment that you carry, including your first aid kit. With your training and this equipment to back it up, you really will be setting the example of a true professional.

Commercial Kits

The New Standard in Safety

Extreme Divers require the best equipment!

Commercial diving can be dangerous, but with a Commercial Diver First Aid Kit you will have assurance in knowing your dive site is safe, secure, and ready for any medical emergency no matter how remote.



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