History of Seaside Marine

May 27, 2014

History of Seaside Marine

Since 1889, the family-owned drug company named Seaside Marine International Drug Co., Inc. has provided medical supplies to the marine industry all over the world. The company has been local to San Pedro, California from day one but has since grown and expanded to improve its ways of helping not only the American people, but the rest of the world gain better health and medical services with the reliable and unquestioned quality of Seaside Marine products. In fact, the company has been supplying the US Navy and Coast Guard with their first aid and medical supplies.

Dive 1st Aid:

Driven by the company’s passion for excellence and love for providing easy access to medical supplies, Seaside Marine has introduced Dive 1st Aid.

Dive 1st Aid is the brain-child of Seaside Marine’s Vice-President, Matt Seibert. It was in June of 2012 when he realized that the scuba industry's first aid kits were not meeting, in his mind, the standards that they should. As a Scuba Instructor and Vice-President of a medical supply company, it was his duty to fix this problem.  With the resources of a global medical supply company behind him, he set off on his mission of “providing low cost - high quality first aid kits, so that everyone could have medical supplies when they are needed.”  The result of this is Dive 1st Aid! Matt targeted the industry as a manufacturer who would sell direct to the dive shops. The online store was also launched, where divers could purchase first aid kits direct from Dive 1st Aid. It is also the place where customers can register their first aid kits so they can receive updates on new medical practices as well as place requests for any replenishment items.   

With its birth, Dive 1st Aid created five standard first aid kits for Scuba divers, but where Dive 1st Aid really stands apart from the other is that EVERY kit is customizable. So far, there have been over 350 different variations of their standard kits which have been developed for any and all uses. And they are not ready to stop just yet!

The company is exploring many more avenues to increase the general public’s awareness of the need for emergency and first aid supplies. The company envisions that it will be expanding its clientele and thereby widening its reach of helping people obtain better first aid supplies to schools, restaurants, organizations, fire and police departments, the list is endless. Check out our kits at your local dive retailer or online at www.dive1staid.com.



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